Making The Princess Bride, 6 Costumes for under $30

14 Nov

Taking a break from the kitchen, I thought I’d finally get around to posting about this year’s efforts for Halloween costumes.  Luckily they went for being characters from The Princess Bride.  Again. We did it 2 years ago, but who’s counting.  Besides. I was pregnant with Eden and dressed as something else. Mother Earth, of course !  So that meant Eden and I were available for  2 more charcters. Hmmmm

I didn’t want to spend the time and money to make full costumes for the kids.  Last time they did TPB I spent hours making Selah a victorian style dress. It was gold. She was disappointed that it wasn’t red.   I also made the black mask for Jake as Wesley and designed a costume for Lucas (who was 2) to be a Shrieking Eel. I spent HOURS working… And ashamed to say, a good bit of money.  This year I went cheap and easy.

I started with the obvious biggie.  Princess Buttercup.  I didn’t want to spend $25 on fabric like last time, and I didn’t want to spend more than an hour sewing. I’m not even going to estimate how long I spent on the other dress. Sad.

I found this dress for $4.99 at the Howell Mill Salvation Army. Better yet, I found it on a Wednesday morning.  On Wednesday mornings all clothing is half off. Woot! Woot! So, that makes it $2.50  Unfortunately, It’s a women’s size 6.  A little large on my 48 lb 8 year old, ya think?

What I did was really simple. I took in about 2 inches on each side of the bodice, and the shoulders. I decided to run elastic up each side of the sleeves to take up the length but still leave some puffiness.  Last, I raised the waist about 6 inches in the front, but leaving the length in the back so she would have a little train.  I’m pretty happy with the finished product.  She was still too skinny for it. I could have taken the waist up another inch or two, and taken in the sides another 2 inches. Maybe eating all of her Halloween candy will fill her out some…

Jake was easy.  He’s only five so he didn’t recognize that the shirt I found for $1.50 at the Salvation army, with nice flouncy arms, a big collar and a drawstring in the bottom hem was.. well, for girls.  I spent $1 on his little black mask and $5 on his foamie sword. Dressing up was all about the swords for these boys.

I considered making another eel costume for Eden to take over Lucas’ role. I decided to splurge on this little shark costume that was $12.99 after shipping, from Ebay. Eel, shark… It’s all the same.

Lucas got a little thrown out the window, unfortunately. I had this little vest that I was sure would fit him but never put on him until a few hours before we went out. Yeah, it was to his knees. And he insisted on having a mask as well. His shirt was also an XS women’s shirt for $1.50 from the Salvation Army. And the all-important $5 sword. The brown belt and grey pants we already had. Easy.

Travis rounded them off with the same baggy green shirt, cut off khakis and belt that he wore last time.  I’m not going to go into the questions I have about why this shirt is still around if it fits him like a trash bag. And why in a house with 6 people in 2 bedrooms, we have wasted the space to store these cut up khakis for 2 years.  Whatever.

And I decided to be a good sport and throw on a nose to be a R.O.U.S.  I wore black. Have lots of that.  And I found a $2 rat nose at Party City.  I made my hair big  and ratted and did smokey eyes. These photos were done at the end of the night. We had guests over all day long, straight after church. It was such a blast!! But this mommas was TIRED!! Not to mention that I had some serious allergies and swollen eyes going on. I look at this photo and I’m reminded of how exhausted I was.

And now, the whole crew together!!! Ready for greatness.


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